Wes' Wild Matchy Dates

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Well look no further, let me do it for you!

How Does This Work?

Fill out the form (please click on ooc/contact for more information), and I'll match you with someone else based on likes and dislikes, and what the two of you are generally looking for in a partner. It is that easy!

FILL IN THIS EASY FORM (please click ooc/contact for more information) AND LET ME DO THE REST!

(OOC Information)

We all have those people we just simply don't get along with/don't have any desire to RP with. As I'm wishing for this service to be entertaining and fun, if there's a certain someone(s) you'd really rather not be matched with for whatever reason, please let me know.
IN ADDITION, if you have a plotline going already and wish to be matched with someone specific and the two of you have planned to throw them together in an awkward situation similar to something like this, feel free to forward that information to myself and I will certainly 'unwittingly' match the two of you together!
This service is meant to be a fun/funny entertaining hook for RP and should be taken with every grain of salt available. There is no guarantee that the person chosen will in any way get along with your character, and vice versa. In fact, isn't it far more interesting if the match is one of proportional errors? Wes is IC a very silly man with very silly ideas of love and romance, and this service is meant to match up unlikely pairs as only someone who has very little clue about social norms can match. Please DO NOT use this service if you're searching for an actual hook-up/relationship unless it has been noted to me prior!

Feel free to contact me on my Discord - Rosh/Imadyn#8884 with any questions, and I'll be in contact once there's been a 'match' made!